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Water Damage Restoration

Your trusted local partner for safeguarding your property against water damage.

Water Removal Services in Houston


When unforeseen water damage strikes your Texas property, having a reliable team for emergency water extraction becomes paramount. Look no further than Steam Care Cleaning and Restoration, where our seasoned experts specialize in swift and effective emergency water removal.

At Steam Care Cleaning and Restoration, we comprehend the urgency and anxiety that accompanies water damage. Whether stemming from a burst pipe, severe weather, or any other source, our commitment lies in delivering top-notch emergency water extraction services. Our goal is not just immediate damage control but also preventing long-term issues such as mold growth or structural degradation. Rest assured, our team responds promptly, works diligently, and ensures your property swiftly regains its pre-damage condition.

Our specialists are adept in employing the latest water extraction techniques, incorporating cutting-edge technology and industry best practices. Recognizing the uniqueness of each water damage scenario, we personalize our services to suit your distinct requirements, whether in residential or commercial settings. When your space faces water-related threats, Steam Care Cleaning and Restoration stands as your reliable partner, safeguarding your property with expertise and precision.

Common Reason for Water Damage in Texas

  1. Severe Weather Impact: Texas experiences heavy rainstorms, hurricanes, and tropical storms, particularly in coastal and low-lying areas, leading to potential flooding.

  2. Storm Damage: Hurricanes and tornadoes, known for their powerful winds and heavy rainfall, can extensively damage buildings and homes, causing water-related issues.

  3. Plumbing Mishaps: Leaks, burst pipes, dysfunctional plumbing fixtures, and damaged water heaters, especially prevalent during freezing temperatures, pose risks of water damage.

  4. Roofing Problems: Poorly maintained or damaged roofs permit rainwater entry, causing harm to ceilings and walls inside homes.

  5. Sewer System Issues: Heavy rainfall or obstructions in sewer systems might cause sewage backups, resulting in contaminated water infiltrating properties.

  6. Foundation Challenges: Texas' clay soil's tendency to expand and contract can lead to foundation cracks, allowing water to enter basements or crawl spaces.

  7. Appliance Overflows: Water damage can result from appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, or bathtubs overflowing due to containment issues or drainage problems.


Recognizing these common sources of water damage is pivotal for Texans to take preventive actions and shield their properties against potential moisture-related issues.

Moisture-related damage in Texan properties can stem from various sources. Knowing these causes empowers individuals to proactively safeguard their homes. Below are several common triggers:

What Sets Steam Care Inc Apart for Water Mitigation

Discover why Steam Care Inc stands as a dependable choice for addressing your water mitigation needs:

Immediate Response

One Stop Shop

Expertise and Capabilities

Insurance Claim Guidance

Recognizing the urgency during crises, we maintain round-the-clock availability for emergencies. Our team promptly responds to take essential steps in risk reduction and damage control. This includes swiftly securing the area by cutting off power, relocating unaffected items to a safe place, and conducting a thorough property assessment to gauge the extent of damage.

We don't just handle disaster damage; our services extend to include content storage and mold remediation. Your belongings are securely stored with us until the restoration is finished. We're also adept at preparing for potential future disasters.

For more than 25 years, Steam Care Inc has assisted homeowners facing mild to severe disaster damages. Through our successful handling of numerous intricate projects, we've honed our expertise in effectively managing various challenging circumstances.

Addressing restoration costs, particularly for structural damage, can strain budgets. Negotiating with insurance companies and securing suitable claims can be overwhelming. Our insurance consultants excel in optimizing this process, maximizing coverage for your restoration expenses. We adeptly gather evidence of damaged property and assets, streamlining the claim process for you. Trust our experts for efficient insurance filing, ensuring you receive the maximum feasible amounts for your restoration needs.


Other Water Extractions Related Services We Provide

Steam Care Inc provides top-notch water extraction services alongside expert solutions such as reconstruction, remodeling, and mold remediation. Trust us for comprehensive water damage solutions, reconstruction services, and mold remediation expertise.

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Rug Cleaning

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Mold Remediation

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